Useful T Gauge Info - Suppliers and bits

Suppliers - The best place for getting T Gauge stuff (UK Based) - another UK supplier - Australian supplier - The Talking T Gauge Shop, a variety of 3D printed items - 3D printed stuff. The backbone of a lot of peoples rolling stock and buildings other than the Eishindo stuff. - Yeswac's stuff - OzRail's stuff - Dutch stuff ... -Gauge&s=0 - Platforms, buffers, buildings and trains - Scandinavian stuff - T450  - Some American buildings and trains - Some vehicles and houses ... am=1%2F450 - 1:450 scale fencing. You can still find these on ebay. ... pcs-200699 - bulk cheap trees, they look great when the branches are folded out.

Super tiny LEDs

Other useful sites
Printable tennis courts, basketball courts and football pitch in T scale: 
Printable Buildings  


  1. Hello, the link seems to go to which says it is for sale as of June 12, 2017. All the best, Charles Sloane

    1. The link also seems dead as of June 12, 2017, Charles Sloane

    2. Thanks Charles, I've updated things now.